About us

Our core business is education. This includes education at all levels and in all forms: formal, non-formal and lifelong learning.  

Our mission is to support affirmative educational and social change. We work to inform and empower people and organisations, providing clients with professional consulting services, robust research and effective project management. EfC works at all levels: from international agencies and governments, international and national NGOs, to school and community-based institutions.

EfC has offices in London. We have four staff members  and we collaborate with a small number of specialist associates to meet the requirements of individual contracts

Values and approach

The values that underpin EfC’s work are:

  • commitment to social responsibility and ethical standards in our choice and delivery of contracts
  • empowerment of the client and end-user through the transfer of knowledge, education and access to information
  • responsiveness to and respect for client cultures, management styles, procedures and preferences

It is our policy to provide a member of EfC staff to lead all our contracts, ensuring strong accountability and quality assurance for our work. We also endeavour, in all contracts with a country specific focus, to include national consultants in our team. These colleagues bring contextual and technical expertise that ensures our work is relevant and appropriate to the situation, with a strong focus on sustainability and local capacities. Over the years EfC has built up a wide network of such colleagues (individuals and organisations) across the world, including professional partnerships with two consultancy firms covering East and Southern Africa. 


EfC was formed in 1997 building on several years of collaboration between individual consultants (two of whom became and remain the Directors of EfC). The company began with a focus on information services and technology in the education and cultural sectors in the UK and internationally. Over the last eighteen years, our expertise has expanded into education sector management, monitoring and evaluation, technical assistance and strategy and policy development. Our clients include UN agencies, international NGOs, multilateral and bilateral donors and ministries of education.


EfC was registered as a company in 1997 (reg.no. 3377424). Our VAT number is GB 696 85 6262.